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Porcelain & Ceramics

We have a wide range of new and vintage porcelain from Jingdezhen. Be it Ginger Jars, Urns or Tea Caddies, these authentic pieces are bound to bring the mystery of the Orient onto your display shelves in the blink of an eye.

Our most popular range of porcelain are the "Double Happiness" '囍' collection. Being one of the timeless decorative porcelain designs, that was traditionally used to show celebration in the Chinese Culture, these gorgeous pattern comes in different shapes and sizes, perfect to decorate any corner of your home. We have a collection of vintage, antique and reproduction porcelain, all made in Jingdezhen using centuries old techniques.

DH Lidded Jars.JPG
DH & Chinoiserie Combo.JPG
DH Lamp, Urn, Jars.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products

Looking for a more Chinoiserie pattern to add to your porcelain collection, we have quite a few items in store that would definitely add some colour to your living spaces.These have been made using traditional porcelain making techniques of the highest material and standards to ensure that your purchase is as close as authentic as porcelain can get.

Dar Blue Floral Jar with Lid.JPG
Dark Blue Floral Jar with Urn.JPG
Dark Blue Floral Vase.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
Modern Chinoiserie.JPG
Darl Blue Floral Jars, Urns.JPG
Tri-Colour Twin Urn.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
Modern Floral Jar.JPG
Square Base Dark Blue.JPG
DH Lidded Jars.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
Pheonix White & Blue Ceramic Stool.JPG
Pheasant Round Stool.jpg
Octagon Floral White & Blue Ceramic Stoo
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
Floral Chinoiserie Square Stool.JPG
Floral Chinoiserie Round Stool .JPG
Dragon Blue & White Ceramic Stool.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
Octagon Blue Butterfly Stool.JPG
Hexagon White & Blue Ceramic Stool.JPG
Floral Octagon Ceramic Stool.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
Double Happiness Butterfly Octagon Stool
Chinoiserie Scene, White & Blue Ceramic
Blue & White Double Happiness Stool.JPG
Porcelain & Ceramics: Products
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