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Altars & Console Collection

Ming Style Console Teal.JPG

Ming Style Teal Console

Prices Start from AED 3400

Measures 150x32x86cm



Prices start from AED 4400
Measures 180x42x85cm

Turquoise, Low Altar Cabinet, Four Doors

Turquoise, Low Altar Cabinet, Four Doors

Prices Start from AED 4600

Measures 180x42x85cm

Altars & Consoles Collection: Products
Red Lacquered, Four Door, Five Drawer Co

Red Lacquered Console

Prices Start from AED 3200

Measures 140x35x110cm


Green Ming style cabinet

Prices start from AED 4600
Measures 185x45x81cm

Red Carved Sideboard, Distressed, Two Do

Red Carved Sideboard, Distressed

Prices Start from AED 4800

Measures 215x51x83cm

Altars & Consoles Collection: Products
Ming Style Altar, Natural Wood .JPG

Ming Style Altar, Natural Wood

Prices Start from AED 2800

Measures 164x40x91cm

Ming Style Altar, Provincial, Natural Wo

Ming Style Altar, Provincial Style

Prices Start from AED 2500

Measures 120x35x90cm


red altar cabinet

Prices Start from AED 3800

Measures 156x38x85cm

Altars & Consoles Collection: Products
Rustic Green,Six Drawer Console.JPG

Rustic Green,Six Drawer Console

Prices Start from AED 3900

Measures 164x41x82cm

Painted Palace Scene, Two Door, Two Draw

Painted Palace Scene, Two Door, Two Drawers

Prices Start from AED 4100

Measures 160x40x86cm

IMG_8769 2.JPG

natural wood sideboard with marble top

Prices start from AED 3900
Measures 152x42x86cm

Altars & Consoles Collection: Products
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